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Accents are Sexy. Give Your Boring Walls a Facelift this Weekend.

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Do you know that almost 80% of what your eye perceives in a room is wall space? In a typical 12’x12′ room, no matter where you stand, 70-80% of your vision is filled up by wall space. Believe it or not, wall space design has a greater impact on how you feel about a space than, flooring, windows, or even furniture.

Here are 5 tips for taking your walls from zero to hero.


Less is More


When it comes to adding interest to your wall, less is more. Out of the four walls in a typical room, choose one accent wall and just dress that up. The exact wall depends on where you want to draw a viewer’s attention. For a bedroom, typically the accent wall is the one behind the bed. For a great room where the TV is at one end of the room and couches are in the middle, your accent wall is typically the TV wall. In a smaller living room (such as in a condo), where your couches are against a wall and TV is against another, you can choose the wall where the couch is against.

Accent Wall Behind Couches.

Accent TV Wall w/ Couch in the Middle of the Room


Add Color


The whole idea of having an accent wall is for it to stand out and draw attention. There is no easier way than painting it a new color. Need advice on which color to pick? Luckily there’s a foolproof formula. Start with your accessories, do you have vases, pillows, or bedding that are in the same color family? If so, use that same color ┬ábut 3-4 shades lighter or darker. The variation will make the space look coordinated and by-design.

If you already have turquoise accessories, use that as the accent wall color.


Add Texture


If the fabrics and/or accessories in your room consist mostly of solid colors, adding texture on the accent wall can introduces natural visual interest. Ideas include, brick texture, wood texture and stone texture. If you already have organic patterns in your accessories, if not handled well, they can copmete with the wall and make the space feel cluttered or busy. Organic texture works better than geometric patterns.

Brick Accent Wall w/ Solid Color Furniture and Pillows


Wood Texture Wall with Solid Color Bedding


Try Unconventional Materials


You may think all those wood planks and bricks of course look nice, but installing them would not be a two day project as the title of our post suggested. Who wants to mess with mortar in the middle of their living room over the weekend?

Just hold on for a little longer. The entree is coming.

Thanks to advanced manufacture techniques, now you can create that distressed-wood-plank-look with vinyl flooring. Yes. These vinyl flooring planks are very lightweight and versatile. Just stick them straight to the drywall with construction glue. If you need more support, you can use a few finishing nails; the texture hides the nail holes surprisingly well. The vinyl tiles look and feel more realistic than wallpaper yet they are just as easy to install. In fact, because of their tongue and groove design, it’s easier to create a seamless look with vinyl than wallpaper.

Add Lighting

Lighting adds another dimension to any surface material. In fact, your accent wall project is only 80% complete without lighting. The combination of light and rough texture adds intricate shadow patterns to your wall and can often be the focal point alone.


Accent Wall with Lighting

If you already have recessed lights in the ceiling, you can add a trim piece that direcets the light towards the accent wall. Its called a “fisheye trim.” If your weekend time is running short, you can also try putting a few plugin spotlights on the floor, aimed up toward the wall.

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